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Our MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System) unit is used Electrostatic Scanning mirror and Ag coated mirror is activated. Unit is made from single crystal silicon structure operated without mechanical wear.
Following feature with our MEMS mirror unit
1) High performance single or dual axis MEMS scanning mirror on a single chip
2) Ag coated mirror to maximize optical reflectivity for visual wave length
3) Ultra low power consumption
4) Resonant operation for low scan jitter
5) Compact and light weight
Application is
1) Laser projection display(VGA solution)
2) Laser area sensing
3) Bio medical scan inspection
4) LADAR(Laser detection & range sensor
5) Non contact measurement and sensing
6) Bar code scaning

MEMS mirror unit Micro scanning application

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  • MEMS mirror unit Micro scanning application

    MEMS mirror unit Micro scanning application

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