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The TopLine is a manufacturer of a dummy electronic parts and substrates with the world's largest share to open the headquarters in Georgia state of the United States.
Since established in 1989, it is adopted in the research and development section in all over the world.

It is used as a tool that solves various problems when devices are mounting on the substrate.

We have various mounting devices and the mounting substrates as many as 1000kinds (BGA, QFP, CSP, SOT, and WAFER, etc.) and it can be used as JEDEC standard parts.

The above-mentioned dummy parts and the drawings of the dummy substrate are published.
Moreover, if the part shape, the number of pins, and the pitch, etc. can be specified, we can present the best dummy parts of it.

▼ Application
○Development, examination for mounting machine, soldering device, and taping machine;

○Development, experiment, demonstration, and evaluation for reflow machine, taping machine, adhesive, visual-inspection equipment, and X-ray check device.

○Development and experiment on solder.

○As a tool for business and sales promotion

○As a study tool of the employee training

Moreover, we will propose the evaluation substrate kit for the mounting evaluation (dummy parts + substrate).

We will prepare the dummy wafers that are etched and dicing , etc. with the pattern. (Wafer thickness 50μm is also possible. )

Dummy electronic parts

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    Dummy electronic parts

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