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HARD TRAY (Injection)
It is a plastic chip tray of conductive polystyrene and antistatic ABS. Customer will be satisfied quality, price and delivery of ADY products since our corporate factory in Taiwan control the total operation from mold design, mold assemble, production, inspection to packing by themselves.

SOFT TRAY (Vacuum forming)
It is a soft tray formed by vaccuming resin sheet

TRAY (Hard and Soft)

Product Category

  • HARD TRAY (Injection)

    ADY supply 2/3/4 inches, JEDEC types, and various kinds of open tools.

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    HARD TRAY (Injection)
  • SOFT TRAY (Vacuum forming)

    SOFT TRAY is designed and manufactured according to the part shape by the best size.

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    SOFT TRAY (Vacuum forming)

    The tray washer demonstrates the effect more than the fluorocarbon washing, and can decrease the running cost greatly.

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