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Metal injection molding (MIM) is a hybrid technology whereby it integrates the shaping capabilities of plastic injection molding and materials flexibility of conventional powder metallurgy. MIM is preferred for mass manufacturing of small, intricate-geometry components of a variety of materials as it can achieve 95% to 98% of its wrought materials properties at a much reduced cost.

Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding(MIM,CIM)

Product Category

  • Metal Injection Molding

    We can process the stainless steel etc. to complex three dimension shape.

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    Metal Injection Molding
  • Ceramic Injection Molding

    As ceramic possesses high flexural strength, hardness and chemical inertness

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    Ceramic Injection Molding
  • MIM for Alminium Nitride (AlN) material

    AlN has an excellent heat conductivity property.

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    MIM for Alminium Nitride (AlN) material

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