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ADY have a global development and production system.

1. ADY contribute the development of a manufacturing industry by providing unique materials and products.

ADY was established in 1986, as a supplier for semiconductor and electronic industry as well as an exporter/importer of a plastic injection molds.
ADY expanded our business fields to Carrier Tape and Reel, Top Line Dummy Component and In-mold Injection Mold, moreover Metal/Ceramic Injection Mold, ESD/Moisture Protective Packing, Ionizer and Packing tray.
ADY also provide the necessary products for a developed technology such as material for LED and MEMS Millar unit, etc.
ADY’s mission, it is “To provide the unique products and valuable information to our valuable customers by using ADY Worldwide Network.

2. ADY is strong in total coordinate sales of development and manufacture.

ADY have a network in HK and a metal assembly factory in Shen Zhen, China, and also have a strategic partner in Singapore - DouYee Group(*), have factories in Malaysia, China and Singapore and supply high quality products with a good price to all over the world.
ADY undertake their sales as well as become a marketing point in Japan to observe the trend and demand of Japan manufacturing industries leading electronic industries.
ADY have good reputations from customers as a partner giving a flexible and prompt service and action.
ADY provide products to be fulfill customers’ most advanced demands to customers’ manufactures by planning and developing in ADY production area.
ADY can supply a total coordinate sales of development and manufacture of SPA (Specialty store retailer of private label apparel)
※・・・DouYee International website

3. ADY have a global network supplying high quality and good price products.

MKブランド商品 ドウイー・エンタープライズ トップライン ソニック シーパック フライジングドウイー・テクノロジーズ

ADY have more products and network.
ADY takes part in many leading exhibitions in the fields all over the world and have a strong relationship with our vendor and supplier.
ADY is always doing a best for customers’ satisfaction and a total risk management.

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