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About ADY

Corporate philosophy

We are “a creative thinking expert”,contribute for a society because our business is supported by customers,suppliers and society.

Business policy

Our strength in capital, engineering and structure contribute to a society.“ Continuous challenge”is our key point.

Business vision

We put our value as supply of“Reliable product”,“Safety product” and “Earth friendly product”.

Employee index

  1. Provide a solution by positive and cooperation activity
  2. Take a responsible in own decision and own behavior
  3. Create innovative business
  4. Take humble attitude and faith behavior
  5. Act as fairness, justice, and sincerity

Employee standard

  1. Keep thoughtful mild
  2. Cope with environment improvement
  3. Keep safety and active working environment
  4. Respect a law and ethics
  5. Keep our information technology with safety and transparency
  6. Contribute for social development
  7. eep our product and service as high quality

Environmental Policy

  1. Commence our activity for an energy saving, material saving, waste cut down and other solution to contribute environmental improvement
  2. We analyze and understand the environmental impact from our business activity.
  3. Continuous environmental improvement and pollution prevention is taken(All employee takes an action to protect nature environmental and observe “related law”, “customer requirement” and “self imposed control”

Company Profile

Trade name
ADY Co., Ltd.
July 3rd, 1986
Paid up capital
President & CEO:  Takafumi Fujita
Director:  Soo Ye Wah
Vice President:  Yoshimasa Terashima
Auditor:  Hitoshi Kodera
40 (Group total 300)
Annual sales
¥ 2,800,000,000
(Year 2018 estimate)
1) Import and export of plastic injection mold and die
2) Import and export of insulation materials, electronic parts & equipments
3) Development and sales of electronic material and part
Electronics components and material, packing materials, in-mold decoration foil and its related equipments, dummy components, substrates, clean room equipments, anti-static agents, MEMS, Solder analysis equipment etc.
▼Head Office
1-12-15, Higashimikuni, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0002 (Osaka, Japan)
Tel+81 66397-0412 Fax+81 66397-0414
▼East Strategic Sales office
16-7, Kitamachi, Tokorozawa, Saitama, 359-1113
Tel + 81-4-2939-1727 Fax +81 4-2939-1728
Sonic Singapore Private. Ltd.
7 International Business Park, #01-07, Singapore 609919
Tel:(65) 6455 1800 Fax:(65) 6456 4868
Freising Hong Kong Co., Ltd
Unit A, 7th Floor, Shantin Industrial Building,22-28 Wo ShuiStreet, Fotan, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2690 0156 Fax:(852) 2690 0215
▼Shenzen Offic
Unit H, 11th Floor, Block B, Fortune Plaza,Shennan Road, Fu Tian, Shenzhen, P.R.China
Tel:(86) 755 8287 1702 Fax :(86) 755 8287 3994
▼Ireland Office
2 The Lawn, AthlumneyAbbey, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel:(353) (0)46 9020360 Fax: (353) (0)46 9020360
Share holder
mate) Dou Yee International
Employee and owned share
Main Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Shin-Osaka Ekimae branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Esaka Branch)


Advantek Dy Ltd. founded in Osaka, Japan with partner of Advantek, Inc., USA and Dou Yee Enterprises Pte. Ltd., Singapore.
Sale of plastic cartridges and TopLine dummy components started
Awarded by Hewlett-Packard Company as an excellent supplier of in-jection tool and other product
Sonic Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Freising HK Co., Limited in Hong
Freising Co., Limited in Osaka, Japan
Kobe technical Center
Separated package material devision and founded Speed Japan Ltd
Company name changed toADY Co., Ltd.
Merged Freising Co., Limited (Japan)
Merged Speed Japan

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