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2016年1月13日(水)〜15日(金) ネプコン ジャパン 2016出展のお知らせ

ADY Product Category

  • Tape & Reel system

    Total service to supply carrier tape, cover tape, reel and taping machine.

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    Tape & Reel system
  • TRAY (Hard and Soft)

    ADY supply various kinds of hard tray and soft tray.

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    TRAY (Hard and Soft)
  • Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding(MIM,CIM)

    Suitable for complicated, precision and high strength application.

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    Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding(MIM,CIM)
  • High Power LED material

    Glass and Silicon Lens/
    Terminal Via type Package

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    High Power LED material
  • Dummy electronic parts

    A dummy electronic parts and dummy substrates of the TopLine are offered.

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    Dummy electronic parts

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